The Message Center Offers High Tech Services

The Message Center Offers High Tech Services

1982, the year when The Message Center was founded as an innovative telephone answering service, now seems like light years away as technology has enabled virtual answering and many other developments in modern communications. Nearly 35 years later, TMC remains focused on managing calls and delivering messages using high-tech equipment that hadn’t even been thought of at its founding. We are not your grandmother’s answering service, yet we remain true to our mission of delivering required communications services.

New Technology Allows Better Service

TMC offers live operator services 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days per year. Advances in computer and Internet technology now enable our operators to work from a central location or even from home due to these advances in the industry. Even though implementing new technology comes at a cost, we have invested in high-tech equipment while running an efficient operation that keeps rates reasonable.

We offer customers the choice of using live operators for the entire transaction or using operator-assisted voicemail that allows callers to interview with an automated system unless they need to speak to a person, at which point the operator comes in. We use some of these same cost-saving measures in running our own business. As our customer, you will be able to access emergency information and instructions through our automated system, while always having access to a live person when you need it.

The Message Center Of San Antonio Meets Your Answering Service Needs

Our around-the-clock availability means that we answer your calls any way your business requires:

  • Does your business operate mainly within normal business hours but have occasional important after-hours calls?
  • Does your business have a busy time when overflow and or seasonal answering services would be useful?
  • Does your medical facility receive calls day and night?
  • Does your law office receive calls from clients in trouble at any hour?
  • Does your utility company need anytime notification of service failures, fallen wires, leaks or malfunctions, or other issues?
  • Does your plumbing company provide emergency services to customers?
  • Does your business accommodate clients who work in different times zones around the world?
  • Does your business require service in a language other than English?

Regardless of when your calls come in, we can efficiently answer them for you in the appropriate language and take a message, route them to the appropriate person, or assist the caller.

Modern Messaging Gets The Job Done

Even though the means of forwarding messages has changed from paper records and pagers to email and text messages, our company has kept up with new technology and meets the needs of companies large and small in a wide range of industries.

If your calls include medical information or other confidential material, we use encryption technology to make sure that the information remains private between the caller and the intended recipient.

Expanded Services To Meet Your Needs

When your needs go beyond routing calls and taking messages, The Message Center personnel can provide expanded services such as order processing, appointment setting, and help desk services. We will work with you to determine your needs and design a program for you.

In the tech world, nothing is ever static. The Message Center is committed to embracing the best current and future technology to help our customers. To see for yourself how we can help you, just call us today at 1-800-550-9431.

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