The Message Answers Calls For Property Management Firms

The Message Answers Calls For Property Management Firms

Ease The Burden Of Property Management With Answering Services

The Message Center of San Antonio can handle emergency and ordinary calls to your property management office day and night. For information or to get started, call us today at (800) 550-9431 or (210) 561-8700.

When you manage property, you soon find that tenants can overwhelm you with phone calls. You want to be responsive, but having someone on duty 24/7 just in case you get a call on nights or weekends is too costly to make economic sense. By relying on the virtual answering services of The Message Center, you can handle emergencies as well as overflow calls during normal business hours, whether you own one building or multiple locations.

Prompt Handling Of Emergency Calls

When a tenant’s heat goes out at 3:00 in the morning or when a pipe bursts, the property manager is the first person they call. Unfortunately, people may also call you for non-emergency matters that can just as easily be handled during the day. By having the answering professionals at The Message Center take the calls, you will only get a message if the problem is urgent.

When you set up your account, we will help you determine the criteria for urgent messages and develop a plan of action for dealing with them. For example, we can either pass them on to you so that you can contact your plumber or HVAC specialist or we can place the call for you and then message you about the actions we took. We can suggest to non-urgent callers that they try again during business hours.

Handling Daily Call Volume

Even during the day, your office personnel might be busy with the property showings for prospective tenants, housing inspections, or business out of the office, which necessitates having your phones answered by a reputable answering service. We will greet the customer based on your script, provide general information if that is what the client seeks, and take messages that we can convey to you via text, cell phone, email, fax, pager, or voicemail.

Our service professionals can even be the first responder for your calls, with the authority to set up appointments to view property or schedule maintenance visits. We will treat your clients as if they were our own by greeting them cordially, promptly taking action, and then passing messages on to you.

Reasonably Priced Customer Service

The benefit of using The Message Center to manage calls to your office is that we only charge you for actual time spent in handling your communications. If you have no calls on a very quiet day, you will pay nothing. If your call volume is high, you still only pay for minutes you use, often at lower rates for increased usage. The savings you realize by using an answering service rather than having an underutilized employee quickly proves our value.

Our representatives can even assist you with outgoing calls to notify residents of coming events, call about rent notices, or request testimonials. Since our personnel are trained and experienced in customer service, your calls are in excellent hands.

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