Minimize Your Holiday Staffing Challenges With Virtual Answering Service Personnel

Minimize Your Holiday Staffing Challenges With Virtual Answering Service Personnel

As the holidays approach, your business may be exceptionally busy if you provide goods and services that clients want at this time of the year. Rather than hiring seasonal staff that you will have to part with after the holidays, why not fill your needs with versatile personnel from The Message Center?

Increased Holiday Demand Requires Increased Staff

Holidays are typically the time that people buy gifts for family and friends, so if you sell products that appeal to consumers, your phone traffic will swell and overburden your staff. If you accept online orders or employ automated order services, you know that many customers like to talk to someone when they make a purchase.

Even those customers who enjoy the convenience and an amenity of completing an order without human intervention sing a different tune when they need help. Computerized services provide a finite amount of product information, and even FAQ lists do not anticipate every question that customers ask. During busy times, you need more live bodies to meet the increased demand for in person service. You may even need more help processing your online orders.

Service Businesses Experience Heightened Holiday Demand Too

Christmas, Hanukkah, and other holidays mark an increased demand for services, in addition to items that will be passed along as gifts. Whether you offer catering services, carpet cleaning, personal shopping, tailoring, or upholstery, your business may see increased demand from customers who are preparing for guests and increased entertaining. Once the holidays have passed, you may need increased staffing to handle technology question from gift recipients, to process warranty requests, and even to field queries about returns.

Handling Holiday Personnel Requirements With Virtual Staffing

In many businesses, the need for increased staffing dovetails with the time that many regular employees want time off to enjoy the holiday. Even if your company restricts the amount of vacation time you allow your workforce to take off, you are still likely to need more help to cover employees who are off and meet increased demand.

For most businesses faced with the potential holiday hiring, the challenge is having just enough temporary help to meet demand. Being short staffed annoys potential customers and can cost you sales, while having too many people on the payroll can eat in to your profits. Using the services of a virtual answering service for work that does not require face-to-face contact makes a lot of sense. Why?

You pay according to the amount of time when answering service personnel are working on your account. If the holiday time is slower than expected, you are not burdened down with excess staff, whereas if it is busier than expected, you are not scurrying to hire more people. Using a virtual answering service takes the guesswork out of planning for holiday staffing.

The Message Center Of San Antonio Can Brighten Your Holidays

One of the best ways for companies to meet their need for increased holiday staffing is by using the virtual answering services of The Message Center. Based in San Antonio Texas and serving a nationwide market, The Message Center provides experienced virtual answering service staff who can position your company to have a profitable holiday season.

For information or to get started, call us today at (800) 550-9431 or (210) 561-8700.

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