Does Industry Experience Matter When Choosing An Answering Service?

Does Industry Experience Matter When Choosing An Answering Service?

Your industry determines the type of inquiries your customers will make of you. For this reason, finding an answering service with experience in your type of business is an excellent way to ensure customer service. Any operator should offer general attributes such as professionalism, politeness, and friendliness, but you want to make sure that the person has the knowledge to effectively manage your calls and the right experience to relate to your customers.

Company experience shows in three main ways:

  • How they construct your script
  • How effectively the operators communicate with customers
  • How long the company has been in business serving your industry

Constructing An Effective Script

To handle calls for a particular business, answering service personnel use a script that is carefully developed to both convey and capture specific information that is important in your industry. While you may have an idea of what you want the operator to communicate, you’ll get a better-crafted script when an experienced answering service helps you prepare it.

Using state-of-the-art information on how to structure questions appropriate to your industry and place them in the script will provide you with more useful information, while assuring your customer that they are talking to a knowledgeable representative of your company.

Speaking The Customer’s Language

Aside from phrasing your script correctly, you want an answering service that can communicate with your customers in the language they use. Even though English is the official language in the United States, there are some areas with a heavy concentration of individuals who speak Spanish or some other language. In addition, some businesses that operate internationally may have callers whose first language is not English. Using an answering service that has an appropriate number of representatives on hand to interact with callers in their native tongues enables your customers to do their intended business on one call rather than several.

Insuring Good Service With Experience And Longevity

Dealing with an answering service with years of experience in a particular industry, whether it is government, industrial, utilities or healthcare, increases the likelihood that the company will treat your customers right. Ideally, the answering service will have low turnover among employees. It does not benefit you to work with a firm that has served utilities clients for 20 years if their employees only stay on for a few months. Services with low turnover records typically offer great working conditions, wages, opportunities for advancement, and other incentives to keep their employees happy.

Why Choose The Message Center

When sourcing an answering service, choose a company that has experience serving your industry, trained representatives prepared to interact with your customers, and low turnover rates. The Message Center, founded in 1982 and based in San Antonio, Texas, has served a broad spectrum of industries for years. We pride ourselves on our well-trained, satisfied employees who know your industry, have the necessary language skills, and are committed to staying with us.


For more information, contact us today at (800) 550-9431 or in San Antonio, (210) 561-8700.

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