Dental Answering Services

Dental Answering Services

In your dental practice, how you manage the phone makes a difference in your business. Some people don’t like to go to the dentist, so a friendly voice on the phone starts to build confidence in your professional services. Those who call for routine or emergency services appreciate a reassuring yet efficient voice when they want to schedule an appointment, maybe for the first time. The Message Center¬†can provide a welcoming phone experience for your patients, set up appointments, convey information about your practice, and help increase your business.

The Message Center Keeps The Personal Touch In Your Practice

For dental offices that are very busy or those that have several dentists in the office, fielding calls can be a full-time job. By using well trained representatives from The Message Center who have a grasp of dental terminology, and who sound like they are part of your operation, you can improve efficiency and lighten the load of your in-house staff. Our operators can even make outgoing calls to remind patients of their appointments and upcoming six month cleaning, as well as do follow-ups with them after procedures. As part of our services, they can even call about overdue bills.

Using an answering service keeps the personal touch in your practice in a cost-effective way. Even if you prefer to have your own staff make most of the calls, outsourcing phone management can help you in especially busy times, when the office is closed, or when staff is out sick, on vacation, or out to lunch.

Assuring HIPAA Compliance

Dental information, along with the rest of a patient’s medical history, is protected by HIPAA laws established by the Department of Health and Human Services. Staff from The Message Center who take your calls know the importance of HIPAA compliance when taking and conveying messages via phone, text, emails, fax, or the internet.

The Message Center Knows The Drill About Dental Answering Services

The Message Center offers answering services that make dental offices run more smoothly.

For information, contact us today at 1-800-550-9431.

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