Answering Services For Restaurants

Answering Services For Restaurants

Restaurants are busy places during lunch and dinner, and the last thing you need is a constantly ringing phone to overburden your staff. People call in for reservations, hours of services, carryout orders, and even to see if you found their sunglasses after they were there. You want to answer the phone promptly and in a courteous, inviting manner that makes callers feel welcome in your establishment. Using The Message Center, ensures every caller receives the attention they deserve, while allowing your staff to care for the patrons in your restaurant.

Our Systems Make Reservations And Ordering Easy

With hi-tech systems that enter the reservation or the carry-out order right into your system, our operators can take the call, book and confirm the reservation, make changes, and order food and take the payment information. Your in-house personnel are immediately aware of the transaction, so that when the customer arrives at the restaurant, their reservations are in place or their food order is ready to go.

Customers Will Think They Are Talking To Someone In Your Restaurant

Many of our restaurant clients are amazed at how efficiently they can integrate call services into their operations. Our phone representatives are well trained so that they function as an extension of your restaurant staff. They are so knowledgeable about your menu, hours, and services that the caller is not aware that the person they are speaking with is not physically in your restaurant.

One additional advantage to using The Message Center is that you can use our services when you need them – to handle exceptionally busy times at the restaurant, or turn certain parts of your operation, such as carry out orders or reservations, over to us. We offer live answering services, or automated services that revert to an operator – or a combination of the two.

Call Us About Our Menu Of Services

The Message Center wants to help your restaurant grow with more efficient phone service.

For information about out answering services for restaurants, contact us at 1-800-550-9431.

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