Answering Services For Government Agencies

Answering Services For Government Agencies

When you manage a government agency, you have many bosses that range from your supervisor to the public. As taxpayers, citizens pay your salary, as they are quick to remind you. When they call in with a complaint or request, they expect to be greeted professionally by someone who is knowledgeable, courteous, and helpful. If you’re struggling to meet your callers’ needs with in-house staff, turn to The Message Center¬†for reliable answering services.

Managing Public Expectations With Proper Phone Etiquette

For callers, you are the face of the government. Those who call in may need detailed, accurate information about laws or codes, or may be calling to report a crime or information to be conveyed to a public official. Calls made to public utilities or 911 systems to report outages or accidents may require quick action if someone is injured or at risk. To handle a large volume of diverse calls, many municipalities incorporate an answering service to supplement their own personnel.

No Need To Overstaff To Handle Your Call Volume

For government departments that are overburdened, hiring freezes may preclude additional permanent hiring of call staff. Having people on staff is expensive, especially when work fluctuates and they are not always needed. Contracting with an answering service experienced in working with government agencies is an excellent way to keep personnel costs in hand.

The Message Center can supply workers who are available when you need them and who can follow the scripts and training materials you provide. You set the expectations and we deliver professional service on your behalf. When the calls are of a sensitive nature or involve private medical information, we provide trustworthy workers familiar with HIPPA regulations and privacy laws. We offer the technology to properly handle the calls and can even provide you with recordings of them, if required.

The Message Center Puts A Polite, Reliable Face On Government

Whether you need regular or overflow phone coverage, The Message Center can provide the extra staff you need.

For information about how we can help your government agency, contact us at 1-800-550-9431.

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