Answering Services For The Energy, Oil & Gas Industries

Answering Services For The Energy, Oil & Gas Industries

When you work in the energy or oil and gas industries, you provide valuable services that can pose dangers to the public from leaks, outages, burst pipes, spills, fires, explosions, and other incidents. When there is a problem, both public safety and the reputation of your business is on the line. The Message Center offers answering services to meet expanded call volumes that occur after an incident, as well provides 24/7 service for routine customer calls.

Obtaining The Right Information In Emergencies

To make it easy for customers and concerned citizens to report problems, you need round-the-clock coverage so that you can dispatch technicians to the scene to handle the emergency or service outage as soon as you receive notice. In the case of a more widespread issue, you can also notify the proper local officials. Since callers are often worried for their safety, they should be met with a reassuring, strong voice who will ask the right questions to understand the situation, professionally express concern, record an accurate message, and do what’s needed in response to the call.

Providing An Answer To Your Staffing Needs

Having a professional answering service can be an asset to you in developing a response team for major emergencies and for normal reports of outages and localized problems. Hiring your own personnel can be costly, when you consider the cost of wages, benefits, taxes, and equipment. Even if you do employ a core of workers, planning for a major emergency presents the risk of overstaffing.

The Message Center can fill in when you need extra help to make sure that the needs of your customers are always well taken care of. You develop the script that our operators use, so they will obtain the same information your direct employees gather and add the same humane touch in a crisis. Our workforce is well trained and compassionate to perform whatever services you need.

The Message Center excels in assisting with disaster recovery for energy companies. Our staff can help you keep in touch with the public, as well as your employees and managers.

The Message Center Serves Energy Companies

Whether you need backup at peak times, overflow call management, or a complete phone service staff, The Message Center is ready to assist energy companies.

To arrange for service, contact us today at 1-800-555-9431.

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