Answering Services For Education

Answering Services For Education

Though many schools and colleges publicize class schedules, curriculum, closings, and other information online, the average educational institution receives a steady flow of calls every day. For peak times, many educational facilities rely on an answering service from The Message Center.

Phone Etiquette Matters In Education

Day in and day out, parents and students call for information, want to speak with teachers or administrators, call with questions about admissions policy, loans, and registration, are interested in touring the campus, or inquiring about upcoming events on campus. Many calls are of short duration, while others are more in depth. At busy times near the beginning or end of the school year or semester, wait times can be long and frustrating for callers unless the phone staff is sufficient to handle the load.

A school’s reputation is affected by how it handles its phone calls. Letting calls go unanswered, putting callers on hold for excessive times, or treating callers rudely or abruptly reflects badly upon the school. Preventing these situations is avoidable by utilizing live answering services or even an automated attendant to screen the calls.

Technology And Service At Your Disposal

Outsourcing part of the call management process is cost effective while not straining either the personnel or the capital expenditures budget. The answering service provides both the technology and the operators, who take the calls in a call center or virtually. Based on your needs, you can have 24/7 service that fluctuates according to your needs.

The representatives are trained to provide the services you need, such as:

  • Providing general and student-specific information
  • Handling registration for classes and events on campus
  • Making outgoing calls for research and fundraising
  • After-hours calls and dispatch help in emergencies
  • Taking detailed messages for college personnel
  • Other helpful call center services

Learn What The Message Center Can Do For You

When you contract with The Message Center, we will work with you to develop the right script for our polite, professional representatives to use as they meet your call staffing needs.

To learn how The Message Center services can work for you, contact us at 1-800-550-9431.

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